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Plan out your week on Sunday 

 (take at least 30 minutes to yourself to figure out what you have to do for the week and what goals you would like to accomplish for the week)


Be consistent

- Prepare a Sunday Dinner that can be eaten for lunch or dinner on Monday

- Set you weekly morning alarm for 30 mins than usual. Take that extra 30 minutes for yourself to focus on what task you have for the day

- Prepare your outfits the night before

- fill your frig with grab and go breakfast


Take every minute and every hour for what it is. You planned to accomplish three things this week. Write those three things on your bathroom mirror. set timelines during the week. Meet the timelines. ( Use your task app on your smart phone. Get a planner and write them there. Get sticky notes and put them on your desk at work). Allow yourself to see progression throughout the week. DO NOT STOP UNTIL THE TASK IS COMPLETE.


Emotional, we have to celebrate the small wins. The week is over, soon you will have to plan and prepare for another week. Take a minute and treat yourself. Example can be, going out with friends, taking a hot bubble bath, relaxing in silence or going out to a sporting event. Whatever you like to do, do it and when you do it leave all of your responsibilities to the side just in that moment.

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